THE tivoli RING

tivoli Back.jpg

There are thirteen diamonds on each shoulder to celebrate the year they met. The prongs are inspired by a meaningful trip to Tivoli Gardens in Italy where they shared many special memories. Set on the inside of her ring is a series of colorful gemstones marking milestones in their relationship. The first is a blue sapphire for when they met, followed by a burgundy garnet for when they shared their first kiss. The third gemstone is a green tourmaline to celebrate their trip to Hawaii, where their relationship deepened, followed by a blue topaz to celebrate the proposal. The gemstones frame the inscription “I love you more” – a phrase they playfully say to one another. The entire area is framed by cobblestone brick found at the Mohonk Resort in New York, where they had an epic holiday. Finally, hand-carved on the side profile is a spiral staircase (which also evokes the shape of a seashell), honoring their special place at the beach. 

The Tivoli Ring features an incredible pear-shaped diamond selected for maximum fire, life, and brilliance.

tivoli sketch.jpg