how this works

Our unique process has three simple steps and only requires three hours of our clients' time:

Step 1
Tutorial: An approximate 30-minute overview of the diamond industry.

Step 2
Discovery: A casual conversation where we learn the basic elements of your story. This generally takes an hour, either on the phone or in person.

Step 3
Storytelling: This is the most important step, where we share ideas for the design and show you the diamonds or gemstones that meet our strict criteria and satisfy your objectives. This typically takes 60-90 minutes and is when we ask for a deposit to officially launch our project.

From there, the piece is hand-sculpted in New York City.

frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum spend on an engagement ring?

There is no minimum spend on an engagement ring. The only requirement is three hours of our clients' time dedicated to our three simple steps. That said, our engagement rings generally start at $5,000 and vary based on the size and quality of the diamonds or gemstones. 

What if my fiancé does not like the design?

We will not stop until it is the ring of your fiancé's dreams.

Will you reset a family diamond?

No, we do not work with family diamonds. It is important that we select a diamond that we know to be beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.

I don’t live in New York. Is that a problem?

That is not a problem; in fact, more than half of our clients are based outside of the tri-state area. We provide all the tools and information necessary so that we can work together to create an extraordinary ring.

Does every ring have to tell a story?

Yes, every ring has to tell a story. The story does not need to be elaborate; in fact, it is often the simplest things that mean the most. 

I want to propose in a week. Is it still possible that we work together?

Yes, we are able to create a ring within a week without sacrificing any element of our process.

My fiancé doesn’t like the ring I purchased from elsewhere. Can you do an upgrade?

We cannot do an upgrade. When you are ready for a new piece, we would be honored to work with you.

Do you accept other currencies?

Yes, we do accept other currencies.

Can my partner be involved in the process?

Yes, there are many ways that we can involve your significant other without sacrificing the romance. 

Are you ever available to meet outside of New York City?

Yes, our team travels the world to meet clients and to find gemstones that are worthy of the stories we tell. 

Do you finance rings?

No, we do not finance rings. However, we may be able to connect you to someone who can help.

How can I learn more?

Contact us here