THE taipei RING

The yellow gold shoulders of this ring are sculpted with a delicate milgrain finish inspired by the vintage look that she loves. Set on each shoulder are seven diamonds to celebrate their anniversary, graduating ever so slightly in size as they reach towards the central diamond. The prongs are inspired by the curves of an azalea flower, the flower of Taipei, to highlight her Taiwanese heritage. Set inside the ring are four colorful gemstones: a pink tourmaline for when they met, a green peridot for a memorable trip to Costa Rica, a yellow citrine to represent a special moment at Big Sur, and a red ruby for the proposal. Hand-carved in his own handwriting is a lyric to their song, and sculpted into side profile are tiny paw prints for their beloved dog. 

The Taipei Ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond from the Forevermark Collection and smaller round diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and platinum.