The sunshine Ring

Set on the inside of the ring are three gemsontes, signifying three major milestones in their relationship.  The first gemstone represents the month when they were first introduced.  The second gemstone holds double importance - honoring their first epic date at the Rubin Museum as well as his birthstone.  The third gemstone is for when he proposed in front of all of their friends at the struck of midnight on New Years Eve.  Hand-carved you will see the lyrics to their song - a meaningful commemorative of their relationship. 

This diamond ring features a line of fiery radiant cut diamonds framed by round black diamonds.  The radiant cut diamonds were each hand-selected for their perfectly cut-corners to allow the light to accentuate each diamond’s fire, life, and brilliance.  The diamonds are meticulously and densely packed close to one another to ensure that beautiful line of sparkle.