THE ST. George ring


This piece features an incredible Colombian emerald filled with fire, life and brilliance. The stone is highly transparent, yet intensely green with rich golden hues. The design of the ring celebrates this couple and the importance of family. There are a total of 11 embellishments (one emerald, two diamonds, five gemstones, and three engraved stars). Her lucky number is 11, which is also representative of angels and carries a special significance for her. The prongs are inspired by the St. George Temple where they were married, along with her grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents. Both of their families have a long history in St. George and their ancestors assisted with the building of the temple in the 1870s. Set on the inside are five colorful gemstones representing meaningful milestones in their lives. Finally, engraved on the side profile are three stars representing each of the women in her family — one day, this heirloom will be passed down to their daughter to cherish forever.