THE sweet rose RING

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

This ring is beyond exceptional – starring not only one, but three gorgeous diamonds.  The “hero” of the ring is a round brilliant-cut diamond, with stunning, perfectly matching pear-shaped diamonds on either side. All three of these diamonds are cut to perfection for optimum fire, life, and brilliance. The ring is classic, timeless, and full of life – just like the woman he loves.  But as you look closer, the sonnet of their relationship unfolds…

Set on the inside of the ring are two gemstones, celebrating the start of this couple’s love story and the beginning of their future together.  Hand-carved in the center of the ring is a beautiful line from the poem he wrote to her.

On the side profile of the ring, a tiny, sweet rose is hand-carved on to signify the rose that he gave her when they first met, and the many roses to come.