THE piedmont RING

Piedmont Back.jpg
piedmont Profile.jpg

There are a total of 9 diamonds set on this ring, highlighting her lucky number which is represented throughout their relationship. The shoulders feature a milgrain edge, giving the ring a vintage touch. The prongs are inspired by two shapes found in places she holds dear – the house in Syracuse, NY where she grew up and the current home that this couple shares together. Set on the inside are four gemstones each representing a major milestone: a burgundy garnet for when they first met, a red ruby for when they became official, a blue sapphire for when they moved in together, and a blue topaz for the proposal. On the inside of the ring are the words “I just wanna love you” from their song, carved in his handwriting. Hand-carved on one side profile are a set of paw prints for their dog Rue. Finally, carved on the second side profile is the gate found at Piedmont Park where they’ve shared many special moments.

Piedmont sketch.jpg