The pegasus Ring

Their love story spans the world, from her native Tuscany to New York where they met, to Sao Paolo where he lives. Throughout their relationship, these wide distances could not keep them apart; if one ever needed the other, a simple flight would unite them. To bring this to life in the design of her ring, we hand-sculpted the four prongs to evoke the wings of a Pegasus--the cultural symbol of Tuscany--outstretched to evoke a sense of flight. On each wing, we hand-carved feather patterns in immense detail, creating fluidity and movement in the spirit of her favorite artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Hidden beneath this sculpture is a discreet carving of a castle floating on the sea, which is the symbol of the city of Livorno, her hometown. Finally, a secret red gemstone honors the memory of someone dear, forever touching her skin on inside of the band