THE orchid RING

We scoured the earth to find a perfectly square radiant-cut diamond whose fire, life, and brilliance is blinding. A fiery black diamond frame surrounds the center stone, creating a striking and unexpected contrast.  But as you look closer, their story unfolds...

Cradling the diamond is an elegant, hand-sculpted orchid – her favorite flower. Each petal is delicately crafted and positioned just above the base of the ring allowing you to see the platinum flower in its entirety. Lined on the side profile of the ring are purple amethysts to honor her beloved grandfather. On the inside, three gemstones represent important moments in their lives: a red ruby for when they met, a topaz to for their first kiss, and a pink tourmaline for when they moved in together. Hand-carved beside the gemstone is a symbol for the place where they met.  

The Orchid Ring features a radiant-cut diamond and small black diamonds set in platinum.