He followed her to Moscow and after three magical days, he knew she was the one for him. This ring is dipped in Nizhny Novgorod, her beloved hometown, with its incredible architecture inspiring both the shape of the prongs and the hand-carved design on the band. Set inside the ring are three colorful gemstones representing three magical moments, and hand-carved between the gemstones are two meaningful images. The first image is the word “Magic” from a powerful sculpture they discovered during Burning Man. The second image is of a lock and gate inspired by a special moment at the Romeo and Juliet gate in Verona, Italy. As you look even closer, you will see a microscopic kite surfer riding the waves on the side profile of the ring; this is hand-carved into the platinum with incredible precision. Finally, a small leaf is carved onto the other side profile...a secret known only to them.

The Nizhny Ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond and smaller round diamonds set in platinum.