THE rangoli ring

The Rangoli ring is the grand finale in a suite of pieces gifted over the course of two years (see here).  Years ago, they met at a Holi celebration - an Indian festival of color and dance - when they were just 12 years old. They began their romance sending love letters to each other, letters which his father confiscated in a dramatic teenage moment. Their relationship persisted, and at their wedding 9 years later, his father surprised them with a box full of each and every letter. His father had secretly held onto them, because he could see in his son’s eyes, she was the one for him. 

This ring not only celebrates 15 years of marriage (through the number of diamonds on the shoulders) or their first meeting and three children (through a hand-sculpted "Rangoli" flower encrusted in each of their children's birthstones, hidden under the diamond), it also, and perhaps more than anything else, celebrates the spark between two young people, and the universe conspiring to keep them together. Secret words from the earliest teenage love letters are carved inside, as relevant today as ever. 

Congratulations Pooja and Vivek, and thank you for this extraordinary honor to tell your incredible story through each and every one of these pieces of jewelry.