THe libertyville ring


The prongs are inspired by her childhood home in Libertyville, Illinois. The inside of her ring features carvings and gemstones highlighting major milestones. The first is a pacific blue sapphire gemstone for when she moved to San Francisco — the moment when their story truly began. Next is a carving of the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe during a trip where they really connected. This is followed by a purple amethyst for their first kiss at the Superbowl Gala. The second carving is of a soccer ball, a symbol of his support. The third gemstone is a green peridot for when they moved in together. The last carving is of two wine glasses, signifying a meaningful trip to Napa Valley. Finally, the last gemstone is a pink tourmaline for when he proposed. On the side profile of the ring is a daisy flower, the first bouquet of flowers he gave her when they became official.