THE koala RING

Koala Back.jpg
koala Profile.jpg

The prongs are sculpted to honor her childhood home in Houston, representing a time when he became closer with her family. Set on the inside of the ring are four gemstones, the first being a green tourmaline to highlight when they first met. The second is a yellow topaz representing ”happiness” and how they always feel like “crazy kids again” when they are together. The third is a red ruby representing “heart and love for our families.” The final gemstone is a blue sapphire signifying the moment he proposed on the Amalfi coast. The gemstones frame the words “I love you the most,” carved in his handwriting. On the side profile is an intricate hand-carving of two koala bears. This comes from a drawing that he gave to her early on when he first asked her to be his girlfriend.

Koala Sketch.jpg