The kinderhook Ring

They met through mutual friends and had their first date sipping rosé at the wine bar Vingt sur Vin in Chelsea New York City.  Their relationship grew closer...and during a trip to visit her parents this weekend…he proposed!

This diamond is an old miner cut, a square cut diamond with large facets which reflect the fire, life, and brilliance beautifully.  The diamond floats upon a frame of white brilliant diamonds, creating a vintage feel.  Classic, timeless, this ring sparkles brightly.  And as you look closer…their story unfolds...

The diamonds set on each shoulder each represent the months in which this couple were together before he proposed this past weekend.  

This couple went on a special trip to Kinder Hook, NY on Labor day and discovered the Van Shaack House, which they now call “the house of treasures.”  The prongs which hold her diamond are inspired by the slopes from the Van Shaack House.

Set on the inside are two red gemstones symbolizing their first meeting - each framing a special phrase that they playfully say to each other.