THE forever RING

Forever Profile.jpg

Set on each shoulder of The Forever Ring is one diamond for each month that they have known each other before his proposal this past weekend.  The last diamond on each side is a black diamond, to celebrate their color synesthesia association.  The prongs are inspired by the Dreamliner airplane, her favorite airplane, symbolizing their past adventures and the new journey they are embarking on together.  Set on the inside of the ring are two gemstones, a red ruby for when they first met at the Harvard Club in New York City, and a light blue topaz to mirror the color of her eyes, as well as representing when he proposed in March.  Hand-carved between the gemstones is the word “forever,” the title of their song.  On one side profile, you will find the crown from the White Eagle of Poland, representing her hometown, and on the second side profile, a sunset down the cobblestone streets where they live - the sun represented by a white diamond.  

The Forever Ring features an elongated radiant cut diamond and round brilliant white and black diamonds in platinum.