The effervescent Ring

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They grew up in the same town and reconnected in Calgary over ice cream. After an epic rollerblading date, they became official — and in Haiku Mill, Maui he proposed to “the most amazing woman in the world” (and she said yes)!  

This ring features a radiant-cut green sapphire chosen for its deep green hue and one-of-a-kind beauty. Two bright white diamonds are set on either side, creating a blindingly sparkly look that perfectly complements the green sapphire. 

But as you look closer, their story unfolds...

First, you will notice the shape of the platinum prongs expand and curve in a beautiful, petal-like shape. This shape is inspired by the Aga Khan Museum in Calgary, where this couple has connected over their faith and attended many meaningful events and galas. Next, the small round diamonds set on each shoulder represent the years that they have known each other.  Finally, if you look closer, you see three colorful gemstones on the inside of the ring marking the moment that they reconnected, a celebration for their anniversary, and their engagement day in Hawaii. 

The Effervescent Ring features a radiant-cut green sapphire flanked by two brilliant-cut diamonds set in platinum.