The east west coast Ring

They met poolside on Memorial Day weekend. She flew in to see him for their first date and he met her with a bouquet of flowers - right away they hit it off.  Their relationship grew and expanded from east coast to west coast…he knew he found his true “partner.”  He proposed to her on both of the coasts…and we were honored to weave Davin Riley and Michelle McCormick’s story in this epic ring!

This ring is truly exceptional - featuring a pear shaped diamond. The diamond was chosen for its perfect pear cut - the crushed ice facets allow the light to shimmer with maximum fire, life, and brilliance.  From every angle, you will see sparkle, from the diamond thrown which frames the pear cut as well as the diamonds set on the shoulder of the ring.  A truly timeless and classic ring that stands the test of time...

But as you look closer…their story unfolds….

First, you will see the prongs curving under the diamond are in the same shape and spirit of a lotus flower.  Michelle is an avid meditator and yoga practitioner and we chose the iconic image of the lotus to be a forever symbol of her spiritual practice.  

Next, you will notice the shoulders which rise towards the diamond feature thirteen diamonds on each side.  Throughout their entire relationship, the number 27 has been their lucky number.  We have set a total of 27 diamonds on Michelle’s ring…and if you look even closer…you will notice one single pink diamond on each shoulder - Michelle’s favorite color.  

The inside of the ring is truly special - Set on the inside of the ring are three gemstones: a green tourmaline for May, when Davin and Michelle at that poolside, a yellow topaz for November, when Davin proposed to Michelle on the east coast in Central Park, and a pink tourmaline when Davin proposed to Michelle on the west coast in Malibu.  If you look further, you will notice two hand carvings on either side of the ring - each representing their bi-coastal life and future together.