THE Chignon RING

This round brilliant diamond is from the  Forevermark collection, which means it is not only stunning, but meets all of the De Beers Group's extensive criteria in quality and cut. The diamond sits on a throne of perfectly matching smaller diamonds allowing the entire ring to sparkle brightly. But as you look closer, the story unfolds....

Though they are from the same town in Australia, this couple met on a backpacking trip in Mexico; these two locations became important design elements in the ring. The prongs which hold the central diamond are sculpted into the the same arches that are found leading up to her family home in Melbourne. Carved on the band of the ring – just where the small diamonds end – are two lanterns from the special place in Mexico where these travelers rendezvoused while backpacking. 

Four colorful gemstones rest inside the band, representing milestones in their relationship. Stringing the gemstones together is a motif from the Chignon Restaurant where they shared their first date.