THE Ascension RING

Ascension Back.jpg
Ascension Profile.jpg

The prongs were hand-sculpted to evoke the Ascension Love Sculpture found during their trip to Burning Man. They climbed the sculpture together, and he helped her overcome her fear of heights. On the inside of the band you will find four gemstones – a blue topaz for when they first met, a pink tourmaline for when she moved to San Francisco to be with him, a white diamond for when they moved in together, and a blue topaz for their engagement. Hand-carved on the inside of the ring you will find two question marks forming the shape of a heart, a inside joke they share. Carved beside the last diamond on the outside of the ring is an image of a plane. This couple had an important conversation while they were in an airport, and he wanted to commemorate that moment with a symbol of how they are “writing the next chapter in their lives.” Finally, set on the side profiles of the ring are two gemstones representing each of her parents.