THE alexandre RING

Alexandre Back.jpg
Alexandre Profile.jpg

Set on the shoulders of this incredible ring are 15 diamonds celebrating when they first met. Following the last diamond is a light blue sapphire, celebrating two important milestones in their relationship. The prongs are inspired by a trip they took to London where they found a piece from one of her favorite artists, Dale Chiluly. Set on the inside of her ring is a burgundy garnet for January, when they reconnected after meeting years before, and a blue topaz for a December, a memorable Christmas with her family. Carved on the inside are three special words found in a journal Susie wrote for Rich during a period of time they were apart. Hand-carved on one side profile is a King of Hearts card and a Queen of Hearts card, a playful message highlighting their love for card games. On the second side profile is one last gemstone, a dark blue sapphire for when he asked her father for her hand in marriage.

Alexandre Sketch.jpg