The grem Ring

Their first date was in Chelsea at the Flat Iron Room, and since then they have been inseparable.  This past weekend, Michael Buckley proposed to Megan Caughey and she said yes!

A perfect solitaire, this ring features a round diamond chosen for it’s perfect cut.   From every angle, the fire, life, and brilliance of the diamond shines, as it floats on the smooth rounded platinum shoulders.  But as you look closer...

The platinum prongs were sculpted to inspire the crest on the wall of the Flat Iron Room - where it all began.  

Set on the inside of the ring are three milestones signified by three colorful gemstones; the moment they met, the moment they moved in together, and the moment  he proposed.  Beside the gemstones, and playfully placed, are their nicknames in each of their handwriting (we secretly got a sample of her handwriting - adding to the surprise to the inside of her ring!).  On the side profile, a hand-carved sun from the aviation birth city of Dayton, Ohio flag, forever honoring Megan’s hometown.